About us

The 5Es Real Estate Developers is a Consulting and Construction organization, which is owned by black women from the Free State Province. The company aims to provide Consulting Professional Services utilising in-house capacity and expertise, through its Bloemfontein Offices. In order for 5Es to meet the expectations of our potential Client or Employers, the organisations utilises freelancers who are always willing to work under 5ES.

The name of 5Es, originates from the previous company, which was initiated by five individuals, who were newly graduates from university, who had the drive to give an exceptional services to the people of undeveloped countries. Unfortunately, all partners parted ways. However, with the one remaining partner, she was still eager to pursue the vision, she had about the organisation, by re-establishing a new company that would carry out subsequent core values to the people of Africa; offer service that excel in their field of work, hire staff that are enthusiastic about contributing to the evolving Africa.

At the moment 5Es employs workers based on work awarded at the given time. The company is driven by its core-values of providing and upholding sound professional services to its clients. It is registered with the relevant regulating authorities. The organizations directors and associates, are fully qualified Quantity Surveyors, Architect, Project Manager, Accredited Commercial Civil Mediators and Arbitrators.

5Es Company has executed consulting services with MLO AND New Boss construction, HPR consultants on Transnet and Basil Read project of the value R 660 million is 2018 on the TCTA construction claims. The 5es works with several Professionals who currently works as freelancers for the organisation, whom are registered with the relevant institutions for their professions.

5Es is a construction company which encompasses building of residential, commercial and industrial developments as well as property and project management. We also offer consulting services in alternative dispute resolution in matters relating to land rights management in South Africa.

Organisations directors and associates.

Gomolemo Mohanoe is the founder and Managing Director of 5Es Real Estate Developers (Pty) Ltd. A construction company she established in 2013. She has ample of years in the construction industry.

She started off as a Quantity Surveying intern for the Department of Public Works in Kimberley and later relocated back to Bloemfontein to work for the private sectors as a Quantity Surveyor and Project Manager.

As her career progressed she joined Free State Social Housing Agency and was appointed as a Development Manager. She managed and monitored the project process during the execution of the construction, which is was valued at R 200m, for the turnkey development, that entailed three phases of Repair and Refurbishment of existing structures. At the moment, she is working in corporation with HPR Consulting Firm and Basil Read, on Outstanding Construction Claims – Claims Management, Quantum Analysis, Delay and Disruption Analysis.

She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Quantity Surveying from The University of the Free State and a post-diploma in International Arbitration from Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and is also accredited as a Civil Commercial Mediator by RICS.

Boipelo Goeieman is a Professional Senior Architectural Technologist by profession but has worked as a Managing Director of a Construction Company and as a Project Manager for a Civil and Mechanical Engineering Company.

Her work in Architecture has been in small residential building projects. Residential Housing to be exact. Her experience in architectural services has been for houses in the Gauteng, North West and Free State Provinces.

Her work as a Project Manager has been on Hospitals, Clinics and Roads. In the companies she has worked for as a Project Manager, her clients have been the Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure in the North West Province and the Limpopo Province. Her services are usually to work on Programme Management. This entails a lot of engagement with stakeholder of different forms. She has worked in the Construction Industry for over 12 years.

She has also worked in the Hospitality Industry for 2 years (food, marketing and events). Working for the hospitality industry, was for

the purposes of learning how building can be designed for hospitality. Boipelo Goeieman holds a bachelor’s degree in Architectural studies, which she obtained in 2006. She also has a Certificate in Property Investment and Practice, which she obtained 2017.

She is a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a businesswoman. Her passion is to educate the black child.

Sarah Saila is part of Social Workers Veteran task team that developed progressive policy that created the basis for positive change in South Africa. A diligent Project coordinator with a systematic and thorough approach to solving complex problems. Mrs. Saila is a project coordinator who has an understanding for formulating strategies for execution planning, contract administration and quality decision maker, has the ability to identify key problems quickly and accurately, and proposes corrective action in a practical, clearly defined manner.

Communicates complex ideas in a clear and logical manner, while leading a team to extract ideas and solutions from others to find the best solution.

Mrs. Saila has work experience of around 20 years which she occupied positions of Senior Management and established construction companies where she developed Middle rental accommodation town houses at the North West region worth R 6 million (2009) and built over 2000 RDP houses within the Free State Region.